Beehive Installation & Management Service

Beekeeping is renowned for being an expensive, time-consuming and skilled pastime. We would always recommend researching and reaching out to one of your local beekeeping associations and completing (at the very least) a beginners course before attempting to handle or keep bees yourself.

Our locally based, highly experienced beekeepers are on hand to install and maintain beehives at your location!

If you are:


  • An individual

  • A family

  • A school/college/university

  • A community group or social enterprise

  • Private business


And are looking to:


  • Help the UK bee population (and us humans in return!)

  • Acquire your very own honey

  • Enjoy/study and enjoy the life and behaviour of bees

  • Greatly aid the pollination of gardens, community spaces, orchards, crops and much more...



Look no further than Hey, Honey's personally tailored beehive service!

We source UK hives and bees from as local as possible, and will provide you with your own honey from your hives.